My boyfriend and I have been sharing this fragrance from Le Labo for a good 6 months now and it is soooo good. How can it be that I despise smokers I have to walk behind but then wear a tobacco scented fragrance?

SANTAL 33: A man and his horse in front of the fire on a great plain under tall, blue evening skies - A defining image of the spirit of the American West with all it implied about masculinity and personal freedom. This man, firelight in his face, leaning on the worn leather saddle, alone with the desert wind, an icon so powerful that every man wanted to be him and every woman wanted to have him... From this memory is born SANTAL 33. Via Le Labo.

Well recently I have stumbled upon another fragrance HUNTER that is riddled with tobacco and bourbon notes and I fell in love instantly. It is on my Christmas wish List. MCMC is a Brooklyn based company and here is her description of how HUNTER came to be:
When I was younger I had a friend named Harrison, who I liked to call Hunter. He lent me the book Ishmael, and played guitar, and taught me about loving the environment.Years later, memories of our long friendship and his adventures building maple sugar cabins in Vermont inspired the fragrance Hunter. With tobacco absolute, organic Bourbon vanilla and fir balsam, this fragrance is best when worn with a flannel shirt.

These is just something so sexy and right about a woman in masculine scents, I hate nothing more than cheap floral, powdery scents. yuck. So go ahead and tobacco it up ladies...


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