We all know my boyfriend is awesome (because, well he is my boyfriend) but I was quite amused with his very articulated answer and the amount of thought that went into his reply when I asked him to check out the work of the photogrpaher MARK BORTHWICK (whom I am completely starry eyed over). This is what he said and raised a very valid question, does anyone know the answer? Can you help put our IF's to bed? Well his IF's because I don't really mind either way, I think his work is gorg-o-ramma.

"So here are my thoughts on the work of Mark Borthwick:
IF (and that’s an IF that I do not have an answer to) IF his photos do not have post production work, IF this is his ability to capture this surreal luminosity through the act of taking a photo and skill in the dark room then I very much like. I very much like that the photos are completely banal, I mean you or I could go out and take photos very much like his – the subject matter, composition and palette are simple however, they then become something more with his use of light.
I like them…depending on the IF."

Can you tell he is an architect?? hahah cracks me up.


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