Well it has been FOREVER, I know.... I think sometimes with the things you love, although you do love them, you also need a break every now and then so you can fall in love all over again... I guess that's what myself and breathofthecat went through these past few weeks. I was busy on Sanibel Island (Gulf of Mexico) sunbathing and afternoon cocktailing with my mother, aunts and sister. My sister taught me about Bruno Mars and that I was in-fact vibing on his style in my PANAMA HAT... who knew. Funny enough Bruno was just featured in American Vogue, did you see the spread? Then I was back for a quick day, long enough to see my bff Jamie who was in town from LA then it was off to the lovely state of Ohio where I joined my boyfriend in the celebration of his sister Laura's wedding. SO now I am back, ready to embrace New York and all that the NY summer has to offer. Hope the start to your summer has been equally as enjoyable... and if not MEOWS THE TIME.

To many more sunny days ahead.


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