Happy Saturday Lovers.

Sometimes I wonder if I could be any luckier to live where I do. Not only do I live in a fantastic space in which the owners of the building enlisted long time resident and friend Eunice Lee of UNIS to help them put the finishing touches on the place so they could rent it in the midst of the financial crisis... but I have so many fabulous shops on my street. Some of my favorites are Haus Interiors, Thomas Sires and Love Adorned. Not to mention the restaurants Pheasant, Public , Oficina Latina and Lovely Day... Its a designers dream really, and once this sun warms up NYC I am just a hop skip and a jump (bike ride) away from Williamsburg for even more amazingness.

Enjoy today and love what you have, not what you don't have. (I sometimes do this too, don't worry)


(photos of Love Adorned Via Hither and Thither)

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