Kittens, Happy New Year. 

Its been a whirlwind; the Holidays, my mac book dying on me while away, the NY Blizzard of 10' that left me stranded in the midwest until 1.1.11.... Now I have my old ibook that I had cleaned up to give my sister but selfishly said 'well maybe I will keep it incase something happens to this one' (thank god) but well, there are no saved files on this vintage machine and Im finding myself wanting to have brunch with friends today and get back into NY life rather than search for beautiful things. So bear with me until things are back and running normally. 

Hope everybody had an amazing holiday season. I did. What a blessing it was to be able to be stuck with family and a plethora of wood paneled dive bars for a week +... 

Dreams do come true. To a healthy, happy 2011. 

xx ab

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