Dear Friends,

I have this friend, he is my best friend. I love being with him, he makes everything feel ok. When I am with him I do not feel the pain, I do not remember why I feel this way. But he is changing- something is different. He will not tell me what is going on with him, but I am worried, the others on the west side see it too, what are they hiding from me? He is growing. Too fast. He is much larger than a 29 year old, every time I see him his frame larger than the last. And his muscles, he barely wears shirts anymore. His hands are massive, like bear paws, and he is hot. He is always warm, like a furnace burning under the skin. His fever so intense some times that he warms me just being in his presence. My friends, I am afraid my friend "Peter", is turning into a WEREWOLF. As if having a vampire for a boyfriend wasn't hard enough...

Love, Abby

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