I am almost back to normal, family just left. I probably need to detox and take a nap... but for now all I have to say is I am so glad I live in the same neighborhood as COLE MOHR, thank you NY- thank you. Such a favorite, more tomorrow...





Dear Kittens,

Please do not forget to love me. I am here for your ghoulish pleasures and creepy fantasies.

Much Love.
XX ++ ABBA (at ghoulmastersunite.blogspot.com)


OH SHIT TODAY IS MONDAY // but who cares Thanks to this amazing editorial from ZOOT MAGAZINE dressed head to to in MMM.


G O L D A U R A //

I just can't shake this brass, gold, pyrite and soft muted shade interior thing- amazing.... taupe, blush and light gray lilacs... There is just something so gentle about it, reminds me of what 'Joan Wilder' in Romancing the Stone would have liked. All pieces above are from CRAIG VAN DEN BRULLE just up the street on Elizabeth, so yes I have to walk by these items everyyyyyyyyyyyday, and drool and dream. But don't get too excited- this original JAY SPECTRE brass & glass coffee table is, eh... $14,500. As Michael said to Paul in "That Girl Is Mine"... YOU KEEP DREAMING'




Beautiful work from Swiss photographer CHANTAL MICHEL...



I was walking by THEORY's gigantic building in the meatpacking last night with a friend and while peering up into the offices above I noticed a light on and 2 fashion heads sitting over a desk in someones 'well deserved office' having a meeting, going at it at 8:30 on a Friday night. And this brought back a thought; a feeling too familiar. That 6:30 pm call to report to (say your CEO's office) to talk about WHY YELLOW CASHMERE is not selling- as If I invented that color? As If I had the over-all power over the selling? How it was set in the stores, was it assorted with the proper colors to mirror it?!? (scream)
Back to Theory, It appeared to be a 'design director' in there, most likely explaining why he thinks the Holiday sales are not at top form 5 days before Thanksgiving, and strategizing how they will turn this business around and it was about then that I passed by MMM on Greenwich street and thought 'now there is a company that does not send utter shivers up my spine, but pure chills at how fascinating their business strategy is'-
Whats the least sellable color? NEON PINK? NEON GREEN? Great! Cut it in jersey rectangles and dye that faux monkey fur, turn it into the most covetable boot of 2007, unobtainable by even most New Yorkers in your correct size. Accessories? Done, gather up all of your old champagne corks (who likes to party) and put them on chains, turn them into rings, wrap aluminum foil over your eyes and call them sunglasses, done. What, we are having trouble with the yield on that dress? So, don't even cut it- send the model down the runway with the whole fucking bolt attached. That pant length isn't selling? FINE CUT off the wearers left leg, new silhouette! We couldn't book that model we wanted? Who cares, put a stocking on her face! Turn the wig around, cover her in clouds! Decorate our stores with anything we can get our hands on? Fine, just spray it white first! And you know what else, LETS NEVER in the history of our company run a fucking add campaign, and we will surely never take advantage of some C list star who is running at A list status for no real reason except americans are perhaps bored to sell our brand image....!!!! AMEN! THANK YOU MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA! And believe me, I am not naive enough to think that there is not a strategy to all of this as well, I just happen to like it a lot better!!
THIS IS A BRAND THAT IS AN INSPIRATION! MMM stays around, and its genius, we hoard that shit like gold in our closets, never goes out of style. Lesson- stay true to you, say good bye to trends, dare to be simply different and LIGHTEN UP. It's just fashion and it can be quite enjoyable.

(Dear Theory: I do apologize for using you as my example, you are very successful in your own right, I have just lost it since breaking free from corporate and the very process gives me the willies- so no offense to your success, you are rich and I am not, but Im ok with that.)


INVISIBLE CHILDREN // to be seen again.

This is a really amazing program from the people behind INVISIBLE CHILDREN helping the people of Norther Uganda. This video is amazing, we have lost the human connection in consumerism and working in fashion I can surely relate, it makes me sick sometimes. Please check out all of the work they do here and start donating today to help, make your own coffee a few days a week, lay off the vodka tonics and lend a hand to those who can't even imagine a day as good as our worst days here.



THE FUTURE PERFECT // Opening in Manhattan on Great Jones St. Can not wait! Some of the items on my wish list include this beautiful lilac glass top maple table, the ring side tables and box couch as well as this beautiful wireless brass switch in an acrylic box. Stunning. I own these little candle holders and adore them, except when my maid (when I used to have a maid) would clean off my years of build up on his head, only to destroy hours and hours of burning it at both ends...we are still working on rebuilding his hair line... plus they creep everyone out and I love that.




Beautiful photos via cold after midnight....




What's Black and Nude and Red all over? CHLOE SEVIGNY in this amazing blazer and red lips, duh....


( ) + ( ) =

GENIUS //Have a look at fashematics.com. There are some pretty amazingly creative ones as well as some hilarious jabs at, eh... say W magazine... Love it.





Just another reason to LOVE EYE-WEAR (and cheat on your eye test if you're desperate). ... + this may be the best man hair cut ever ...

(glasses/photos PRISM LONDON)



Oh gosh, just what I need- more proof that I have an apparent affinity to rocks and crystals. I so did not want to become this 'girl' as I got older. Do you turn 30 and fall for crystals and Stevie Nicks? hmmm, well Im's embracing it, I was already scrutinized for buying 3 geodes from an antique shop in Bishop California on Sunday... but really, is their natural beauty deniable? not so much...!!! Anyway, these amazing SOAPS are from Urban Outfitters and are so beautiful, they reminded me of the lovely cave scenario photographs from RYAN McGINLEY...

Enjoy xx