Who knew those words went together? I am so completely into the pairing right now its not even funny. Let me set the look for you: Oversized chambray shirt (over a mini dress of coarse) + chipped red nails + KLEIN TOOL BAGS. I picked up this canvas bad boy at Home Depot the other day and have never been so ecstatic to own my own tool kit before. I ran home and filled it with hammers, cords, red varnish (of coarse) and nails. What a chic piece to pull out when its time to hang a picture, Im dying. My dad and Bjorn will be so proud.... 

Tool Chic, who knew...


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  1. I have mine in my trunk. All my RE stuff inside. Drill, rubber mallet, markers, pliers, screws, nuts, screw driver.Mirror, lipstick, brush. Anything a girl would want. So darn cool.