So I looked at this loft on the Bowery the other day, the loft just above TERRY RICHARDSON'S, can you imagine the sh*t I would see!? My back windows overlooked his private patio, table tennis included. Just a little out of my price range but massive and fabulous. So I came across this and thought I should share, you never know what all of your dreams are, and I'd hate to be the one that held the key but kept my mouth shut. After-all I do enjoy his photographs...
Soooo If you are interested in posing nude for TERRY email model@terryrichardson.com, including a JPG and proof that you should be up to no good (ie: are over 18).

** uh, and his mom is rad.

Good Luck,

Cat naps.

This kittens head hurts, I'm going to blame it on having to reach my neck above the 3 tall men who methodically placed themselves in front of me at GRACE JONES show last night, no, no, no I'm sure it is not the vodka. For sure its the neck!?!? (snickering slyly like a sleuth who just uncovered a clue)... So for today all you get are these amazing images, sorry kids. If I had sequin silk pajama shorts I'd be wearing them now. And let the glittery images be a preview of what is to come.

Happy Friday (ouch),



Sometimes I just feel like being generous.... and hese help me get through the what could be silent and boring moments of working from home and I thought I would share with you. Really fab stuff. 

1. YACHT (DFA records, download here)
2. MEMORY CASSETTE (EP available on Itunes)
3.KIM KI KIO (you can download both albums for free here, amazing)

Enjoy xx

Distressed and Cuffed.

Speaking of a vexatious situation... sounds a little dangerous doesn't it??Distressed and cuffed (enter F' yeah hand move now, yeah you know the one, do it, pinky up, thumb out), I love it!! I hope that isn't how I end up after Grace Jones tonight... anyway here is a breakdown of the beauty above. Enjoy my pretty friends. 

Distressed, Bruised and Weathered Leather:
ACNE moto jacket 
ARTIMAS QUIBBLE mixed leather jean

Major, Super-hero worthy Cuffs:
JODY CANDRIAN precious stone cuffs
ARTIMAS QUIBBLE anne chantry cuff 

(For more information on Artimas Quibble click on the name above, every piece in the collection is hand made with love by my friend Jason in Philadelphia.)



Your my double shadow.

Check out the work of MAIKO TAKEDA who drills hundreds and hundreds of teeny tiny holes in the surface of her jewelry to cast photographic-like organic shadows onto the wearer's body. 
I mean really, are some people this freaking talented. 
We are talking holes people, simple little holes and from these holes you get a magnificent CAT, a magnificent CAT SHADOW on your face. Shoot. Im stunned. 

(images via Dazed and Confused)


Paris, je vous ai.

Yesterday was just kind of one of those shit days, vexatious ++. So I dropped all and went to Paris. Lovely Paris, the cure all for stress and dismay.  As I was strolling the streets I made my way to COLETTE and was drawn in by the GARETH PUGH dress in the window, I loved the detached neckline, one of my favorite details, something so perfectly right about a slightly askew neck or hemline. Once inside I was blown away by the craftsmanship of the these beautiful designer items. They look so beautiful on the runway but it's when you actually touch them, feel them, understand them, become them that they become real and so obnoxiously fantastic. Two noteworthy collections (aside from the obvious Balmain, Lanvin and YSL) were the COMME DES GARCON: Trompe L'oeil collection based on the idea of illusion.... fantastically draped and placed nude tulle over canvas with etchings of tailoring and patterns. The other was Central St. Martins graduate MARY KATRANTZOU whose collection of silk dresses printed with 'perfume bottles' were so vibrant and beautiful it's hard to believe they were printed by a print house garage in London. Stunning... But it wasn't until I left and looked down at my GUISEPPE ZANOTTI  'cat freak out heels', while carrying my new LANVIN dream booties (did I mention I picked both pairs up for 30 USD!?) that I realized I was strolling with such ease, almost afloat on the cobblestone streets, that I said something isn't right- there must be something wrong... how was I floating with such ease? And thats when I woke up, in Manhattan... but with a much better attitude today, it's amazing what a quick trip to Paris can do for the soul. 

Le merci Paris, je vous ai.



... And you may just get what you want.
This is what I have my sites set on:
1 part amazing raw loft
1 part dream job 
and I will be in business. 


Walk the line.

Clean lines
Getting By
Drink your milk. 



Love Yourself Madly...

Kirk and I certainly were yesterday as we got together to have a little fun with my new men's pieces... Was a lot of fun, I think Kirk even found his inner ghoul...  


When you sleep...

... I will creep into your thoughts. 
Yeah I have made up my mind.
The more you ignore me, the closer I get.
You're wasting your time.
Oh let me in. 

xx AB