THIS BAG IS IN! I hate to make money for someone else ... but why not!?!? Love makes the world go round, right!?... AND this bag is pretty rad, so if you want it please go get it now. Or as they say 'If you got em, smoke em'.... so go on, get it so I don't have to.... after all, I can't have it if you all do too! 

Thinking simply today...

THREE thoughts: 

1.) I FINALLY know what to do with my stack of AMERICAN APPAREL raglan jersey sweatshirts that I have collected over the years (2 black, 2 heather gray, 1 dark heather gray, 1 heather teal, 1 heather purple, 1 white... obnoxious isn't it!?). Solution: Fringe Yardage and they are revamped, not bad.... Thanks Stockholm Street Style for spotting her. 

2.) I am SO VERY BEYOND HAPPY that it is actually summer in NYC! AMAZING, walking around in barely nothing, soaking in the sun, dinner on my roof tonight with a friend, bottle or Rose, heaven. Heaven. That month of rain was worth it (I guess).




Yet another reason...

WHY NY IS RAD. Yesterday was maybe one of the best NY days in history. The STANDARD NY is one of the coolest buildings erected that I have ever seen. A massive industrial, concrete and glass structure held up by massive pillars, straddling the abandoned elevated rail tracks, which are now the amazing HIGH LINE. The HIGH LINE is the cities first elevated park running from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to 34th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues. THE STANDARD huddles above section 1 of the High Line, which opened to the public on June 9 and runs from Gansevoort Street to 20th Street. Unreal.

The scene:
11:30pm, Party on the terrace, Steven Klein photographs being auctioned off, Marc Jacobs boyfriend, my best boyfriends and I watching fireworks over the Hudson, celebrating PRIDE. Hey, I may not be a gay man but they sure do have fabulous taste. 

WEST SIDE is where its at, NY is where it's at.

Carre Ottis, kinda major.

So I was watching WILD ORCHID this weekend and realized how kind of major CARRIE OTTIS is (or was in the 90's rather!?)... despite the fact that she married Mickey Rourke (questionable), had a heroin addiction (no thanks) and overall was pretty freaking messed up, she managed to always look completely stunning. I can't even rid the bags after a night of drinking. Supermodels must be super humans, there is no other reasonable explanation... Anyway enjoy these images from CALVIN KLEIN circa 1991.



I saw stars...

Loving the look of drapey, dreamy, sequin harem pants... Especially loving them paired with something unexpected like a sheer print blouse (photograph by Garance Dore outside of the Dries Van Noten show). I mean, and you really can't go wrong going the BALMAIN route and pairing them with a T-shirt and a sharp blazer (one of my personal favorite staples). Im thinking a vintage super washed JOY DIVISION UNKOWN PLEASURE t-shirt will work... and lets party!


Dream Sequins.

Enough Said, Happy Weekend.


Make that change.

I'm Gonna Make A Change,
For Once In My Life
It's Gonna Feel Real Good,
Gonna Make A Difference
Gonna Make It Right . . .
Yes that'r right kids, I am chopping off my locks today (and still thinking of Michael obviously)
I have been so obsessed with ALEXA CHUNG'S hair lately that I am just going for it. 
Plus EVERYONE has long, scraggly, wavy hair, im sick of it. Its getting old...
So Im starting with the woMAN in the mirror.
You've got to make that change.... and thankfully for me I have a beautiful, amazing friend RYAN COTTON who I trust to do this for me. Check out his website to the right, he has been a part of fashion weeks most important shows in NY for years now... Hello MJ rat nest from Fall 09'... yes Ryan was there. 

Wish me luck.
Happy Friday, xx

(Images from Jalouse June 09)


Don't stop till you get enough...

Wow. What a tragic day. What a loss of an american legend, molester or not. What a loss. I am so glad I got to spend 2 long weeks when I was attending FIDM in 2001 studying him and creating a collection that was dedicated to no one other than MICHAEL JACKSON. I must say, I was a genius even then ;) I wish I could share the entire collection with you but it's just too large. 

It was broken into 3 categories:

1.) "So Cold" - this was inspired by all of the unkind things that were said to MJ, that he had to deal with on a daily basis. Dazed and Confused did a cover story on him and this is a part of the story: "There's a Michael Jackson in everyone. No longer one essential self, or another, aren't we all just cultural chameleons? All faking as part of a process of survival in response to the changing world around us? And it all starts with image. HOW YOU LOOK BECOMES WHO YOU ARE." I included comments such as "Jacko pays a million to talk to his chimp!" or "Michael Jacksons 'bubble' of eternal youth..." etc etc... 
This collection included: Liquid metal fabrics, Faux (fancy word for FAKE in fashion terms) fur and rhinestones.  Cold was the feeling here, icy freaking cold man.

2.) "Glitter Child" - This group came to life due to an article I read from his former PR Rep Howard Bloom. And so it goes: "He taught me about a degree of wonder that I had never experienced before in my life, something that goes far beyond any drug experience. He perceives the world in a way in a way that comes close to the way of being friggen angelic. It comes as close to mysticism as you can get on this planet. I didn't have to teach that to Michael. Michael is a person who's reality goes far beyond anything in fantasy, it's ridiculous."
This collection was all about Glitter: Sequins, Lame, Rhinestones, Silk. Over the Top. Think D& G when Giselle would wear the micro mini and sequin bra with a menswear white blouse over it. Or think todays earlier post, Sequin bombers etc. 100% party radness. 

3.) "Magic" - I suppose here I just got to thinking about how he made me feel when I listened to his music. The velvet curtain would part and out came a glittering androgyny, with a power that transgresses common notions of reality... This was Michael Jackson. The way he moved, the way the music comes from inside, you could feel his body melt into this ecstatic state. Why? Because he was magic. The thought here was that you would become overcome with magical feelings when you slipped into this androgynous power suit. 
This collection was based in: Leather, Pin Stripe, Sequins and Metallic Piping. 

F'ing Michael, you were so rad and inspiring. Rest peacefully and may one day Blanket and your Chimps join you. 

Lots of Love... 

And remember...If you can't feed the baby, then don't have the baby.

Dripping gold.

Ok so this is probably my most flashy post to date but I am soooooo feeling all of this. Dripping gold chains, metals, feathers, claw shaped pailette bombers, flashy, pure, make your heart smile goodness. I had my nails this mint color last week, was fab, going back next round....  Hey, if the sun won't shine, make our own.  

Obsessions (to make your heart happy):
1.) Sequins/ liquid metal fabrics for day, worn with ripped jean shirts and ragged T-shirt.
2.) Mint nails.
3.) Piles and piles of vintage jewelry.
4.) Tiny heart face paint (click images to enlarge, genius).

Dipped in mint and dripping in gold.

(Editorial story from Dazed and Confused April 09)


Always Never

I wanted to share this brand with you. CHRONICLES OF NEVER. Amazing. Most pieces are said to be unisex and can be worn many ways, mainly dark colors, strong linear graphics and even better shoes, bags and sunglasses. Chronicles of Never was started and is designed by GARETH MOODY. Gareth is a genius, not only can he add Chronicles to his list of accomplishments but he also started Ksubi (formerly Tsubi). Chronicles of Never is known for having a dark, mystical, slightly mid evil feel. Check out the website, one of the best I have seen in a long time. Really beautiful. You can find it at stores in NY such as OAK and ASSEMBLY... ah, dreamy.

Always say Never,

Have bag, will travel.

Loving these pieces from Z ZENGAS Resort 2010 Collection. Especially the bags and shoes, amazing. The colors are beautiful as well, like when your landing at JFK on a cloudy NY day, just as you start to break through the clouds. mmm... Traveling Man is the new, eh, not traveling man? Yeah who knows, but they are pretty. (Images via WWD)



I am bird now.

I must fly away and not blog today. Please forgive me. Today has been one of those days, issues, changes, problems... ah fashion. Sometimes you would think it's brain surgery. But don't feel too bad for me I managed to fit in fabulous champagne filled lunch at MOMOFUKU with my even more fabulous friend Naomi, we celebrated her birthday, new job and move to Florida for a year of beach bumming and designing! Cheers! Now im off to another party and drink thing, because not every day can just be about work, spread those wings and fly, because I AM BIRD NOW. (if you don't know that song by Antony and the Johnsons, check it out).

I leave you with this amazing jacket and photo. 

Lots of Love. 


I love ANCE (in my closet).

So, I don't think I have enough quite ACNE in my life. Never thought I would hear myself mumble those words .... But the pieces in Sweden's ANCE STUDIOS  are a near perfect addition to anyones wardrobe. The brand is actually quite simple and straight forward but with just enough interesting cuts, seaming and forward shapes to will keep you wanting more. And the fabrications are fab, T-shirts soft and dreamy you will want to sleep, dance and work in them. The women's dress fabrics I find near perfect, stiff, crisp and with a lot of body. The colors are all you need in my book. Generally grounded in Black, Gray, Khaki and Denim with top colors remaining neutral, natural and slightly dusty. Love it. They know what they are doing, stick with basics with a small twist and use fabrications a lot of other brands are too scared of, oh yeah and then slice the back open please. This is the kind of thing I design and then am told its too forward, or contemporary. Oh to be able to be where I belong. 

Also not to be missed is ACNE PAPER. It is one of the most inspiring, interesting, smart publications out there.