Have a beautiful weekend beautiful people.

What a fantastic day in NYC, I volunteered for FREE ARTS this morning (I strongly recommend getting involved if you have the time) it's an amazing program helping children who may not get as much attention as deserved, connect to their creative side and express themselves through art and mentoring. Although, the girl I mentored today said she wished I was her mother, I'm not quite sure how I feel about that... besides awful. I wish I had a magic wand. Anyway, onto lighter things, I have great friend from LA coming to town and we will be busy drinking champagne and scouring the city for all things fabulous. So until Monday...

Have a beautiful weekend beautiful people.




Check out the BBLESSING SALE this weekend. Drinks and DJ's tomorrow.... 181 Orchard. Fun Fun.


Out of the box.

Just another reason why I love
OAK NYC (28 Bond Street), not only do they carry OBEY (my best friend Erin Wignall designs the womens), and CLOAKS by LINDEY THORNBURG (my homie Lindsey's collection of hooded cloaks) and A-Z COLLECTION (my amazing pal Dana LEE's Mens collection that I am contributing Knitwear Design to), but they are always stocked to the brim with unusual, wearable silhouettes with a slight twist. One of my favorites at the moment is a jersey knit collection COMPLEX GEOMETRIES. Each piece is oversized, odd and quite clever. Its the kind of fashion I sink my teeth into, simple, easy, wearable, twisted, unusual and many pieces can be worn many ways. I just bought the 'Four Hole T' and am amazed with how many ways it can be worn, its a mess of a pile of cotton that will look amazing with a bare leg, one simple armored finger ring and a high bun on  a hot summer NEW YOAK CITY night. Tomorrow night:  Freemans and my friend Mario's party in Brooklyn, I shall test it out. Can't wait. 

H A P P Y F R I D A Y,


Warrior Woman (gonna mess your mind).

Setting: Greenwich Village, me at an Indian jewelry stand on Bleeker (5:30 pm yesterday). 
Outcome: All my dreams coming true. I finally got a full finger sterling silver armored finger ring that I have been coveting, I even worked her down 20 dollars. I have been completely obsessed, piling on any large silver ring I could get my paws on since I saw this editorial in FRENCH VOGUE months ago. Its very MODERN WARRIOR, WARRIOR WOMAN. The styling is perfection. From the BALENCIAGA shoes, to the dark make up, to the silhouettes; long and lean with plenty of bare leg, to the piles of warrior, gothic inspired jewelry. (click on images to enlarge and see the jewles!)

For me the next stop shall be finger claws. Cat Scratch Fever!!


I was actually just at a guitar shop a few weeks ago with my dad and while he was talking with the owner (who happens to be his cousin) I was gleefully digging through the silver guitar finger tip pics. I do not think he noticed but if he did he probably just thought I was being 'cute', not aware that my mind was thinking of what fabulous claws, rings and earring clips they would make. Next time I shall buy them! 

WARRIOR WOMAN gonna mess your mind
WARRIOR WOMAN, she gonna mess your mind.

A B B Y 



 I stumbled upon this website NOT JUST A LABEL and was delighted to find that this is a venue for discovering fresh new design talent. Most hailing from Central St. Martins, Austria, Berlin and Belgium you are sure to find something that interests you.

I was most delighted by a space age, structural, sci-fi inspired collection by ANNA HOLVIK and the structural oversized metal Jewelry by AND I. ANNAS use of transparent fabrics combined with overly structural skeleton shapes and metal cording is quite interesting. Wearable? Not sure we will be found walking around in "Pod coats", but I do love the fluid chiffon multi layer top worn with the leather leggings and her Jewelry is SICK. 

Apparently they will be opening an online shop on 5/28, intresting. Keep an eye on it.  

(Other designer featured are: JIWON JAHNG // fringe jacket, ANNA AICHINGER // leggings, and GISELEGANNE // gold ring) .




Well the BBQ's are over, the sun seems to need a little break... So as the clouds roll in over Manhattan and we all get back to work today I will share with you some electric, artificial, man made color to brighten your day: the neon madness of MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA'S Fall 2007 RTW collection. A collection so great that to this day I can not forget, will never forget. Makes me feel kind of funny inside its sooo good; the built up shoulder, the use of color, the NEON GLOW staring you in the face, the structure, the love, the fringe, the boots. All so controversial and advanced for its time, still most of us are all following its core structures and skeletons today. When the skys are gray look to MMM to light up your life the way its lit up mine. I kick myself to this day for not owning the neon pink boots, for not skipping eating for a month and buying them at Jeffreys when they still had a 38 left, instead I look at my cork ones I bought when I finally could afford them, same shape but just not quite as fabulous as the NEON LOVE.

Loose yourself in this video, please, and rest assured this will be the first of many MARGIELA postings. If you know me at all you know this is one of my great loves of my life so far. 

L I G H T ,


The incredible lightness of being.

Happy Holiday Beautiful Friends. 

As I soak in the sun and enjoy the lightness of just being today I think of the photographs of MARK BORTWICK. Mark is 1/2 of the NY power couple I am obsessed with. His wife is fashion designer MARIA CORNEJO (Zero + Maria Cornejo), whom is beyond amazing as well but I will save that for another sunny beautiful day. Today its about Mark. Its no surprise that I fell for Marks work instantly as he satisfies my love for mystical, hazy, light soaked photography.... Dreamy like a sun drenched afternoon in LOS ANGELES.

MARK BORTWICK has contributed to many fashion publications including Vogue, Purple and Index,  as well music videos for Cat Power. Some of his other notable work which is listed here is: Barneys 2008 Christmas catalog, Chloe Sevigny shot for Opening Ceremony's new glossy photography book as well as Lou Doillon for Vanessa Bruno.... to name a few. 

When I grow up I want to be like Mark.